Top quality fresh figs and organic pomegranates

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Our production process

EatMeFresh guarantees the quality of its products during every step of the process. This allows buyers and their customers to rely on quality, taste and product safety. You reap the benefits!

Directly imported products

We get our products directly from the growers. This concerns suppliers who grow sustainably. Their fruit grows as naturally as possible, which ensures an extremely sustainable and tasty result. Our direct import also keeps costs low.

Cultivate carefully

The cultivation itself is also done in a secure manner. The fruits are picked fresh from the trees with great care and attention. For this we have trained employees who know exactly how to proceed to in order to grow an undamaged product.

Quality control

Our mission is to deliver nothing less than the best food from nature. That's why we subject our products to thorough quality controls. First of all, we know for sure that the products are of high quality, because we have insight into the conditions under which they are grown. We also guarantee quality afterwards by checking for toxic pesticides and other risks when loading. Our products are, for instance, free of pesticides.

Sustainable packaging

EatMeFresh opts for packaging in the form of sustainable types of cardboard, which can be recycled and contribute to the circular economy. We also provide the packaging with attractive texts about the health benefits of the fruit. Personalised packaging is also possible on request.

Own transport

All our expertise in logistics and transport is in-house. This guarantees you quality, safety and speed. We use a controlled chain, with which we store and transport all products in the right way and under optimal conditions.

Quick delivery

The direct import and own transport ensure that we are guaranteed to deliver quickly. With us, you benefit from a very smooth delivery time

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