Top quality fresh figs and organic pomegranates

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Fruit transport and logistics

We offer a product safety guarantee and strive towards high customer satisfaction.

Own transport

We have expertise in the field of logistics and fruit transport. This allows us to offer you the flexibility that is so important to you. We do this by directing the logistics ourselves, with our own trucks and a network of international transport companies as partners.

Controlled chain

EatMeFresh undertakes to maintain the correct temperature for each product, and never to break the cold chain during the refrigerated transport of fresh products. The foods thereby retain their guaranteed quality.

Reliable, safe and fast

Our processes are constantly optimised and verified to ensure your conditioned fruit transport. Hereby we guarantee the correct storage and transport of your food, in accordance with the rules regarding food safety. Our credo is to stand our ground, even in extreme circumstances. We use the fastest import routes and can guarantee you a fast delivery.

Personal contact and flexible response to your wishes

Direct contact with the grower enables us to place your orders very specifically. We take care of the packaging in the desired format and in the desired quantity. Our deliveries are well adapted to market demand, resulting in favourable prices for you. We are literally and figuratively close to our customers. That means proactive thinking, responding quickly to specific questions and being available 24/7. Together with communication lines, this results in genuine, ultimate flexibility.


All of our employees are characterised by experience and professional/market knowledge. Thanks to our thorough market knowledge, we adapt our services to your wishes. We are flexible in dealing with peaks and troughs in your demand and in our services.


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